Effect of infidelity on divorce in pennsylvania

Adultery as Grounds for Divorce

Bearing this in mind, emotional trauma as a result of adultery has affected alimony awards in previous divorce cases. The effects of marital infidelity on your divorce can differ from those on another divorce, making the issues regarding adultery and divorce somewhat confusing. We do know that adultery muddies the waters concerning divorce, and legal counsel can help you better navigate those waters and make your divorce less painful and more beneficial to you.

The Trauma of Infidelity Will Make You Do What You Never Thought You Would Do

Call now to schedule a consultation and learn to what extent infidelity or other marital misconduct might have in your divorce. Matt Liebenhaut is a Tallahassee divorce attorney, practicing in the areas of divorce, child custody, and child support. Were you and your spouse separated at the time of the affair?

Alimony and Legal Issues When Getting a Divorce While Living With Someone Else

If minor children will be at issue in the divorce, have you and your spouse shielded them from the affair and the resulting dispute? For that reason, if an alimony claim is raised, even in a no-fault divorce, adultery would be relevant; however, in practice it rarely results in much of a difference.

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Affairs generally have no impact on child custody disputes. Cheating on your spouse might make you a bad husband or wife, but it does not disqualify you from being a parent. When adultery is relevant like when an alimony claim is raised , proving it can be pursued and sometimes used as leverage to resolve a case. Often when one party is questioned under oath about whether they cheated, with whom they cheated, etc.

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