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Breadcrumb Home Browse all information and services Security Law enforcement Access registered sex offender information. Access registered sex offender information. The three tiers are: missing offenders - provides photographs and personal details of reportable offenders who have either failed to comply with their reporting obligations, provided false or misleading information to police and whose location or whereabouts is not known to police local search - provides photographs of dangerous and high risk offenders in your suburb or surrounding suburbs disclosure scheme - allows a parent or guardian of a child to inquire about a specific person who has regular contact with their child Tier 2 and 3 will require you to provide some personal details and submit an application.

Applications can be processed online.

Common Sex Offender Questions

The website only displays offender information that has already been made public through the police notification process. The website is an additional way to notify the public about these high risk sex offenders. The offender information on this website is contained in two sections: Current Notifications and Previous Notifications.

The Current Notifications section will display all the media releases issued by the police in the past year about high-risk sex offenders.

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  4. The background material will vary from case to case, but it will normally include information about:. The second section of the website is Previous Notifications.

    Sex Offender Database

    Information about an offender will be placed in the Previous Notifications section after it has been displayed in the Current section for one year. The Previous Notifications section will display more limited information about the offender: name, photograph, date of the public notification, information about the offender's crime and the nature of the risk to the public. Offender information will remain in the Previous Notifications section until the offender provides the deputy minister of Manitoba Justice with proof that he or she has received a pardon for the offences committed.

    Pardons are granted by the National Parole Board.

    Sex offender registry

    For information about pardons and the process that must be followed to obtain one, contact the National Parole Board. The offender information displayed on this website is to help you protect yourself and your family. Using the information for any other purpose could be viewed by a judge as a form of harassment of the offender.

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    The police will take the necessary steps to protect the public. Any form of harassment or other unreasonable conduct directed toward any offender named here will not be tolerated and could subject you to a variety of legal consequences.

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    These might include criminal prosecution, a penalty under The Human Rights Act, a peace bond application and other legal consequences. If you see the offender in public, you do not have to call the police unless he or she is committing a crime, harassing or threatening someone or behaving in a way that makes you think that there is a danger to someone. For additional information on high-risk sex offenders, please contact the police service that made the notification:.

    The information contained on this website has been provided to Manitoba Justice from a variety of sources. While Manitoba Justice has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the information is accurate, it cannot guarantee that it is absolutely complete or up-to-date. Therefore, you should read our disclaimer.

    How to Find Registered Sex Offender's Location in Any State

    Page Content. Sex Offender Notifications Purpose of Making Community Notification: The purpose of notifying the public about high risk sex offenders is to help protect you and your children from these offenders. Improving your Safety Only information about the most serious sex offenders is displayed on this website.