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Then pile all the cards face down in the middle of the group and let people draw.

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Topic ideas: jobs, life goals, funny stories, hobbies, family, fears, dating issues, significant relationships, relationship with God, etc. Bring a newspaper or magazine and have the group members tear out pictures, articles or anything they think tells something about themselves. Each person should share his or her choice and the reason for it with the group.

You have 30 seconds to run through the house and collect three or four articles you want to save. What would you grab? You are told you may take three things you want, apart from the essentials. What would you take and why? What one or two questions would you want to ask? Order at CruPress. Several questions may come to mind as you plan your small group. Here are four components that are key to most small groups or Bible studies that will answer your questions.

Life-changing small group environments are less about how-tos and more about experiencing Jesus. They are not focused on building head knowledge but on changing hearts and minds. These communities not only equip their members for service but also expose sin and call people to adore Christ.

Christ-centered communities transform lives from the inside out. An environment where Christians and non-Christians can study the Bible together and care for one another can be beneficial to everyone involved. Understand how you can know God personally. What is Christianity? Learn the basics of what Christians believe. Dealing with Life's Questions Explore answers to life's biggest questions. Read about individuals who have been transformed by faith. Spiritual Growth Take the next step in your faith journey with devotionals, resources and core truths.

Bible Studies Find resources for personal or group Bible study. Share the Gospel Sharing your faith is one of our most important callings as followers of Jesus. Help Others Grow Help others in their faith journey through discipleship and mentoring. Leadership Training Develop your leadership skills and learn how to launch a ministry wherever you are. Language Resources View our top Cru resources in more than 20 languages. Campus Helping students know Jesus, grow in their faith and go to the world to tell others.

City Connecting in community for the well-being of the city.

70 Ice Breaker Ideas to Help Event Networking

This game is a great way for players to introduce themselves and their colleagues. Since you have to draw, rather than explain, it serves double duty for topics like problem-solving, creative thinking and innovation. Jenga is the starting point of many fun gatherings. You can spice up a regular tower-toppling contest by writing intriguing questions on each block or as many as you can.

This can ignite exciting conversations about everyday topics like favourite downtime activities to more in depth stuff, like career and self development goals. This is a quick game where players have to form an orderly line without any discussion, or any verbal cues or help at all.

The tasks can get more complicated the more familiar the group is. This exercise helps develop team collaboration and non-verbal communication.

In the short group challenge, participants must organize themselves in a line according to a certain criteria like height without speaking. The activity promotes non-verbal communication and teamwork.

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Simpler versions of the activity can be used in early stages of group development while more complex versions can be used to challenge more established groups. This fast paced icebreaker activity allows participants to get acquainted with each other in a meaningful way. Prepare about a quarter more quotes than the number of participants on individual slips of paper. Put the pile in the center of the room.

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Each participant picks up one quote, then picks a partner and begins to discuss what the quote says to them, if it is meaningful, and how. This can continue for rounds for around 15 minutes. Prior to the workshop the facilitator prepares a list of questions which can only be answered with yes or no. The facilitator reads out the questions or statements one by one.

Start A New Gift

For each statement the participants stand up if they could answer the statement with yes. The questions should be designed to not be discriminatory, intimidating or insulting. Possible topics can be countries visited, dishes, games or sports tried, movies seen etc. The goal of this game is to have a succession of very rapid conversations in an extremely short amount of time with as many people as possible. Determine the time limit say 3 minutes for each conversation and set a timer.

Each time the buzzer goes off, the pair has to split and find a new partner, again looking for people they know the least.

Icebreaker Games: Block Your Eyes!

The key icebreaker is a team building favorite and a great exercise to get to know each other in a group or team. Ask the participants to sit in a circle and bring their keys with them. Explain that they will get to know each other through their keys. Ask them that one by one present all the keys they have on their keychain and tell a few sentences about the area the key represents — the city or neighbourhood they live in, the activity it represents bike or locker key or the person they received it from. Usually the facilitator starts the circle so the participants get the feeling how it should be done.

Ice Breaker/Warm-up/New Best Friend Game

Break the ice with the help of your key! The key ice breaker is a team building favorite and a great exercise to get to know each other in a group or team. It is easy to understand and set up, can be modified according to the objects participants have, fast way to get info on each other , and surely makes everyone included! Start by writing your funniest or weirdest story on a small piece of paper.

1. The Ultimate Theoretical Discussion Question

It has to be a true one, no colouring! Then fold the paper up and drop it into a bowl or other container. Starting a meeting by defining your personality in a playful manner is a great starter if there are multiple new members to the group or if two or more departments come together on a new project. Prepare word pairs, like salt and pepper, milk and honey, sail and wind etc on separate pieces of paper.

People then have to walk around and ask closed questions with a yes or no answer to find out what their phrase is. Have the group sit in a circle where everyone can see the others. The first person says their name. This continues with each person repeating one more name. This is the game that is most easily prepared — you only need one roll of toilet paper.

Pass this around, and have everyone rip off how much they would usually use. When everyone has taken off a few squares, they should count them. The amount they have is how many fun facts they should reveal about themselves. A warning though: this game is better suited for more lighthearted occasions. Each team member gets the chance not all at once of course to showcase something — an object or a topic that they are interested in. Everyone has something they dedicate a little bit more time and attention to, but you always hear about this from the more extroverted people.

This habit gives less exhibitionist characters a chance to show this side. Providing a mentor to look through their presentation and help prepare their speech is also beneficial and can ease nerves. Using icebreaker games at the start of a meeting is a great way to break monotony, motivate attendee and generally loosen people up.

They can also help clarify the objectives of the meeting. Once everyone has shared their phrases, discuss the results. This game helps explore different viewpoints about a common challenge, before starting the meeting. Each participants gets a set of few LEGO bricks identical sets to everyone — a few items, around bricks per person will suffice. Everyone builds something that relates to the topic of the meeting.