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Police Gazettes are indexed and are available on microfilm between and in the reading room. Indexes to death certificates, , are available on microfiche in the reading room and the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages website. There may be a report in a newspaper about someone going to gaol. Muster and census records prior to may show if an individual was a gaol inmate or in a penal settlement.

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This record shows entrance number of prisoner, date of entrance and conviction, name, offence, sentence, magistrate, age, religion, place of birth and ship of arrival, previous and subsequent entrance number and final disposal. From early in the 20th century details of assistance by the Prisoners Aid Association are noted. More recently, these books also record whether or not the person was Aboriginal.

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While the series roughly covers the period , the dates of the books for each gaol vary. The gaol photograph description books are indexed. Early volumes in this series note gaol number, ship and year of arrival, name of prisoner, offence, sentence, where and when convicted and details of discharge.

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Later volumes consist of duplicate and triplicate copies and record name, birth date, sentence and type of discharge. This series provides a daily record of the state of the gaol, and the security and conduct of the prisoners. The Department of Corrective Services has made access directions to cover records over 30 years of age. Access directions either open records to public access or close them for a longer period to protect sensitive information.

Under Access Direction , records of individual offenders inmates and Corrective Services staff are open to public access after 70 years.

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The access direction covers the records of predecessor agencies to the Department such as the Department of Prisons. To access records closed to public access, that is records less than 70 years old, you will need written permission from the Department of Corrective Services. Remember any letter from the Department should authorise access to the person who intends to inspect the records in our reading room. Please refer to Your Rights of Access for further information relating to accessing the State archives.

The photographing of prisoners was introduced into New South Wales gaols in This record contains a rare and revealing photograph of a former Imperial convict, a prisoner again in her old age.

When records are transferred to us, we like to know as much as possible about the record's origin, use, and chain of custody - in archival theory, this is known as the principle of provenance. The Gaol Photographic Description Books contain a photograph of each prisoner and personal and criminal history. This content is maintained by Public Access. If you have any queries or feedback about this content please contact Public Access.