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Keep in mind that the papers must only be handed to your spouse, no one else. However, you will have to convince the judge of this so it may be better for you to choose some other easier method.

So, you better try to choose an easier way. Although the rules and procedures for filing a petition may vary from situation to situation, there is a standard list of required documents that you must file for an uncontested divorce. Approved by the Supreme Court of Texas, the following forms are used in agreed divorces that do not involve child custody or property division issues. You can use this if you are financially unable to afford the fees. This is the form that initiates your divorce process.

It states that you want a divorce and the items that you want the Court to order in the Final Decree. This informs the Court that the respondent has received a copy of the Original Petition for Divorce and does not need to be formally handed a copy by a constable, sheriff, or process server.

It allows the judge to finalize your divorce when the respondent has signed the Final Decree of Divorce. This form finalizes your divorce and states what the Court has ordered in your case. Fill it out and bring it to the divorce hearing. This informs tells the Court on the last known address of your spouse. It is filled out only in certain situations.


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If a Waiver or an Answer has not been filed by your spouse, you must bring this form to the final divorce hearing. Nowadays, online divorce is becoming increasingly popular due to its low costs, fast process, and flexibility. For example, you can do everything yourself by just downloading a necessary divorce kit online.

You can also receive online help from a paralegal or legal assistant to figure out some details or just hire an attorney to complete a certain part of your divorce. Some companies offer arrangements where clients can receive advice or have particular parts of their divorce completed. It is important to note that although the state of Texas now allows you to file for divorce online, not every Texas county courts have gone on board with the program. Child support guidelines in Texas are pretty cut and dried. This provides a baseline amount that is presumed to be fair.

Uncontested vs Contested Divorce in Texas

However, if a parent believes that the amount generated using the guidelines is unfair, they can ask the court to change the award amount. In Texas, child custody is also referred to as conservatorship. Chapter of the Texas Family Code includes the list of requirements for appointing people as "conservators" and granting rights for custody and access to the child. Court decision always aims to focus on the best interests of the children. The court will decide the issue of legal custody for any minor children. This will give one or both parents the right to make decisions related to schooling, religion, cultural activities, and health issues.

Nowadays, more courts have started favoring joint child custody, allowing both parents to make significant decisions regarding the children's upbringing and education. Texas isn't very friendly to the idea of alimony. Generally, the court will award alimony only in special circumstances.

For example, if you are unable to support yourself due to a disability or unable to work because you must care for a child with a disability, the court may award spousal support. Texas is one of the states that practice equal property split. According to the Community Property laws, both spouses own property, income, and debt equally.

How to do your own Uncontested Divorce in Texas

This is why in the case of an uncontested divorce, the court typically splits community property evenly down the line. In general, community property and debts are divided in a divorce while separate property and debt are not. Your Final Decree of Divorce will list all the community property each spouse will keep or in some circumstances, order them to be such as a house sold and states how the proceeds should be split. Either way, it will list the separate property of each spouse. Although it is true that an uncontested divorce is less time-consuming and less costly, it has its pitfalls.

It is still quite difficult to negotiate everything without missing some important financial issues that might influence your post-divorce life. After all community property law states that each spouse is entitled to half of all the assets acquired during the marriage along with half of all the earnings between the marriage and separation date. Agreeing to avoid all of these may be detrimental to a person's financial stability afterwards.

Keep in mind that you can hire an attorney for only certain parts of your divorce. Some companies offer services where clients can receive advice or have particular parts of their divorce completed. Debts can be assigned like property, so it is particularly important to understand your ability to pay for the ones assigned to you. It is especially important if you are taking an asset with a debt attached to it, such as a house or mortgage.

Keep in mind that if you are unable to afford the mortgage, not only will you lose the asset that was awarded to you, but your credit rating will also suffer and you may end up owing additional fees and interest. Mediation is one of the most frequently used methods of negotiating a property or custody agreement in Texas divorce cases.

An attempt at mediation is required or strongly recommended in many Texas counties and depends on certain conditions. In addition, some couples really need a third party to help communicate to each other. Oftentimes, one mediation session is enough for couples to sort out their differences. You and your spouse may find help in reaching an agreement through a virtual divorce mediation. Such a session is conducted online by an experienced mediation attorney and no office visits or extra meetings are required. View all reviews. If you are unable to locate your spouse to provide them with the required paperwork, you may have to request the court for an official publication.

Approval usually depends on how hard you have searched for them: you should submit proof of your search to the court If the judge grants your request, publish notice of your petition for divorce in the newspaper. If the respondent still fails to file a response, the petitioner can request the court to grant divorce by default. However, you can only make this request if it has been at least 30 days since the publication. The court must then approve and sign a statement of the evidence presented at the default hearing.

If your spouse finally responds to the divorce, you will have to go to trial to resolve the contested issues, which might take up to a year or more. Default divorce can be defined as a separate subset of an uncontested divorce. Default divorce occurs when the Respondent is notified of the divorce action but fails to or refuses to respond within 20 days.

Thus, a person who does not show up loses by default.

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It is important to note that if the spouse is missing and cannot be located, a default divorce also requires that a Notice of Service be made through publication so-called Citation in a newspaper. If you are the respondent who fails to respond to the divorce action, remember that you are giving up your right to have any say in the separation process. So make sure you read and understand all the documents that your spouse files because that is what the court will order in the end. Annulment or "void", as it is called in Texas is not the same as divorce.

While a divorce terminates a valid marriage, an annulment ends a marriage that was invalid from the start Your marriage can be subject to annulment on grounds such as:. File the lawsuit in the district court for the county where either you or your spouse lives.

Residency requirements to file for an annulment are the same as for divorce. Separation can seem like a viable option for couples who have not yet decided on divorce and suppose that living apart can give them the time and space they need to make a final decision. And since Texas does not recognize legal separation, so is worth to remember that parties are not protected while separated. Since there is no legal documentation that recognizes legal separation, you remain married even if you are not living together.

While you and your spouse may agree on the division of assets and child custody, if someone changes their mind, there will be no form of legal protection. Furthermore, you cannot remarry until you officially file for divorce. Adoption I want to adopt an adult in Texas.

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This toolkit tells you how to file a petition for adoption of an adult in Texas. Divorce I need a divorce. We do not have minor children. We have minor children.

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This toolkit tells you about getting a divorce when you and your spouse have children who are younger than 18 or still in high school and there are no court orders for custody and support of your children already in place. A final custody and support order is already in place. This toolkit tells you about getting a divorce when there is already a final court order for custody and support of your children such as an Attorney General child support order and you do not want to change that order.

Divorce My spouse filed for divorce. This toolkit tells you about your options if your spouse has filed for divorce. Modification I need to change a custody, visitation, or support order.