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From the moment you make your purchase to the moment your order is in the hands of the Records Office, we will continue to assist and advise. We will strive to do our best to ensure a smooth and swift service. Cases in which we do not offer a refund:. In addition to the tremendous workload of a medical student, Jonathan was a lead TA at the school where he mentored other medical students in Anatomy, his favorite subject.

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He was also heavily involved in local triathlon activities. He helped organize the first triathlon race held in Antigua.

Appendix B: Data Source Descriptions

The Jonathan Rohr Scholarship is awarded to a qualified student that embodies the spirit of Jonathan Rohr. AUA recognizes students who have contributed to the health and well-being of others through other health professions and are now ready to expand on their medical knowledge and expertise.

This scholarship is awarded to individuals who have and continue to work in health professions. Awarded during intersession to allow student travel to an underserved area to and work with a physician to fulfill their enhancement project criteria. The AUA Research Grant is awarded to clinical students who are involved in research opportunities that have been published or presented at the regional, national, or international levels.

The Canadian Citizen Grant is offered to a limited number of incoming, first-semester students to help offset the cost of their medical education.

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  5. There are no GPA requirements for this award. AUA is committed to building the island supporting our students and campus community. Full tuition and institutional fees for the entire medical education program leading to an MD degree; does not cover room, board, transportation, insurance, and other living expenses.

    One grant per every calendar year is awarded to a citizen of Montserrat enrolling into AUA. In order to qualify for the discount, all siblings or spouses must be enrolled full-time for each semester of eligibility. ASN will only be available if the student attended an Alberta School previously. If Fort McMurray Address is not available, please provide current address.

    Do not enter a postal box, a street address is required. Mother and Father at same location Mother only Father only Both at different locations Shared Custody Guardian Other - please specify in comments section below. Miss Ms. Prefix First Last. Mobile Phone number will be used first by school to contact the mother or in case of emergency. Will call this number if unable to reach you on the primary phone number. Mobile Phone number will be used first by school to contact the father in case of emergency. Please contact the school to discuss this if this applies. Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Country.


    Puerto Rico Birth Certificates

    Yes No. A copy of residency document supporting the permanent or residency status of the child or parent is necessary. Upload here or provide copy to school office on or before the first day of school. Fort McMurray Catholic Schools welcome members of all faith communities interested in having their children educated in an environment permeated with the teachings of the Catholic Christian Faith.

    Parents of students that are not of the Catholic faith will be required to meet the Principal of their school to complete the registration process to discuss these expectations.

    Order Official Puerto Rico Birth Certificates Online From Puerto Rico Department of Health.

    If this applies to you, please contact your school to arrange an appointment with the Principal. Yes No Not sure. Some of these notices and questions are mandated by various legislations and must be provided to parents as part of the registration process.