History of the car bomb

A car bomb explodes in Durban, killing five and injuring 27 people | South African History Online

Nine people were killed, including a 14 year-old boy. Despite this being a very real, and very known fact of history, some people—amateurs and professionals alike—actually persist in calling it an Irish Car Bomb.

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Fine, the rest of the world can be ignorant. At least not about this.

Pulwama Attack: The Second 'Suicide' Car Bomb Attack in History of Kashmir

One other thing—despite the name, or plethora of marquee Irish ingredients, the drink is actually an American creation at a bar in Connecticut in the late s to be precise. Any suggestions for renaming it are welcome. But probably a lot less stony indignation. After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, Hezbollah made its contribution to this grisly history: the suicide bomber.

History of the Car Bomb

The effectiveness of this was evident in when they used a truck bomb so powerful that it lifted the US barracks into the air, killed marines and caused the withdrawal of US forces. No matter what the disagreement around 'blowback' as an explanation of terrorism, it is difficult to ignore the US training and arming of Islamist fighters against the communists in Afghanistan during the s.

Terrifying car bomb shock wave caught on video in Iraq

CIA training and equipment provided via the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence — including that associated with the use of fertiliser-based car bombs — is described by Davis as "the greatest transfer of terrorist technology in history". If the US had illusions of invincibility after the first Gulf War, it was disabused of this with the car bomb that blew a seven-story crater in the basement of the World Trade Centre in That the US faced a chaotic array of enemies at this point was made clear by the different kind of blowback visited upon them by Gulf War veteran Timothy McVeigh.

Some seem to hold faith in the well-targeted strike against terrorist HQ as a solution to current problems.

Hence the groups that continued emulating al Qaeda after September The Americans withdraw to their green zones while average Iraqis are subject to crime, murder and insurgency. Davis ponders this as a future for us all, living in red zones, subject to surveillance, police checks and suspended civil liberties. The downside of this is sometimes a lack of an adequate sense of context and motivating belief of the actors involved.

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