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I have worked with Brick Marketing for about six months and they have helped us resolve several SEO related issues pertaining to our website. I definitely recommend them if you want to feel more secure about how your website is performing in searches and have the confidence that everything being done to improve your rank is white hat and legit.

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They are truly a hands-on partner, which is immensely valuable to our business. Fishman Corporation competes in a niche industrial segment that has been dominated by one corporate conglomerate for 50 years; we were specifically looking for a Marketing partner that understood how to leverage SEO and social media to gain us visibility. We wanted to compete on the same level as the corporate giant.

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Brick Marketing has done this for us. We routinely show up high in organic searches, our web traffic has doubled and the leads that come in are well targeted. Our idea was simply to send out the work and be done with it. A one-shot deal. In short order we expanded our horizons and enlisted his talents to take on refining and improving ROI on our rather expensive Pay Per Click campaigns, as well as having him consult on microsite projects and blogs.

Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing helped us understand what works and why, and helping us maintain our dominant position in the SERPs, despite the markets constant resetting and ever-changing drama. Nick Stamoulis and the rest of the Brick Marketing team are professional, timely, thorough and take time to, not only succeed at the tasks, but also educate myself and my team on the strategies in the process.

In my experience in working with many outside agencies who over-promise and under-communicate, I can truly state that Brick Marketing is levels above all others and vested in our relationship. They are not just an SEO consultant, but an integral part of my team. I highly recommend Brick Marketing for any company looking to significantly increase search engine competitiveness and internet presence. Just like their name implies, Brick Marketing is rock solid and essential in building a strong marketing foundation.

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They are always available to answer my questions and assist with any concerns. I am very impressed with their thoroughness and ability to stay organized. Their passion and energy is always shown during conversations on our account. Moreover, our account rep has been a professional and knowledgeable resource at every turn. Thanks to Nick Stamoulis and the Brick Marketing team, AA Global Printing is marketing with all the right tools ranging from SEO, strong content, a weekly blog, and easy site navigation for our visitors. My account executive has provided great support and has written relevant and timely articles for our website blog.

Her willingness to go above and beyond to achieve the best possible results is very evident.

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I would recommend Brick Marketing to anyone looking to enhance their online business profile. Nick Stamoulis and his Brick Marketing team are professional, timely, thorough and take the time to work through and explain each task step by step. We feel they are not just a consultant, but an integral part of our team. The Brick Marketing team took the time to guide us through the SEO process and helped bring our company into the online world.

After interviewing other SEO companies, it was clear from speaking with Nick that Brick Marketing does more than add keywords to your web content. By examining our trade show presence, blogging practices and online directory listings, Brick Marketing has helped us work through industry specific obstacles to raise our SEO efforts to a new level. Keeping up with algorithm changes and industry trends, Brick Marketing is the perfect partner to ensure your SEO practices continue to be both white hat and impactful.

They are very knowledgeable about the search engine landscape, and help us respond to what seem like constant changes to the algorithms. They have helped our company correct some of the issues created by prior SEO firms, both in terms of on-site optimization and off-site programs. I appreciate the fact that Brick Marketing uses an ethical, strategic approach to SEO that creates a solid, lasting foundation for the future.

They are reliable, responsive, and the quality of their deliverables is top-notch. We are happy we chose to work with them, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to engage a new SEO firm. I really appreciate their patience, insight and going the extra mile to help Gold Lasso better understand the intricacies of the SEO discpline and how we can be more successful with our SEO programs.

I would recommend Brick Marketing to any of my clients. Additional Info. Are You Human? To allow paid listing submission you will first require the payment packages to be displayed to your visitors. While creating pricing packages, you have to decide for a name for the package, the price, how many listings are allowed to be submitted under the package, the validity of the listings once submitted and any other condition.

Also, you can create category specific packages that allows the visitors to post under a specific category only. These packages will be displayed to your visitors on the submission page. So before the visitors submit their listings, they have to select a payment package. By default, the payment plans will be displayed to your visitors as displayed in the image below. But if you wish, you can copy the shortlink to your payment package and display it through the pricing tables.

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You can specify if you want the submitted listings on your website to be held for moderation or be directly published. It is recommended that you choose to hold the listings for moderation and not directly publish it. It is important to keep a check on what your visitors are submitting on your site.

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When the submitted listings are held for moderation, they will be saved as a draft until you as an admin check and publish it. Therefore, you can check if a listing is complete and has all the data that makes sense to the visitors. So one of the routines while maintaining a yellow pages directory is to keep a check on the submitted listings and to publish them after thoroughly checking their legitimacy and correctness.

This is one of the most important features that will be very useful when your Yellow Pages website is live and you look forward to adding more categories with different requirements. So, the Yellow Pages Directory software comes with a ready to use the listing submission form. But what if you want to change this form?

What if you want to add a new field to your submission form? This can be done using the custom fields options available with the Yellow Pages Directory template. It lets you easily create a new field for a submission form. Moreover, you can create a field and assign it to a specific category only. Therefore, it is possible to customize your submission for your categories too. A directory is a massive website. Unlike Business websites or blogs, the Directory website takes more efforts to manage and maintain. Therefore, there have to be more than one ways to earn through it. Like we talked in the above section, one way to monetize your website is by allowing paid listing submission.

Ad monetization works for any kind of website. And so it does for the directory website with massive traffic. You can display advertisement banners in the sidebars or any section of your Yellow pages directory website. These advertisements can be static advertisements from the sponsors who are interested to publicize through your site. Alternately, you can subscribe to Google AdSense , which is a great way to deliver targeted adverts to your visitors and earn through advertisements sponsored by Google.

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The advertisements here are based on the interests of the visitors and their browsing history. By getting the ownership of a listing, the business can add more details and update it to make it more useful. Besides, there are plugins like field monetization as well as membership plugin through which you can restrict the visibility of the content on your page.

You can allow access to the paid members only and thereby earn through it. Once your website is ready and live, we shall move on to the promotional part. The key efforts here will be to make people aware of your yellow pages directory. Promoting your website built with Yellow Pages WordPress template gets easier with some of the inbuilt features:.

The listings created with the Yellow pages directory script are social media ready. So when a user is interested in a listing of your website and wants to share it with his social circles, he can do so just with a click.

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Even the listing owners can share their listing on their social media. Social media is nowadays the easiest ways to reach a large number of people with similar interests in a very short time. You can decide on the advertising channel for your website depending on its scope. It also offers ad options — and those options can get pricey pretty quickly. Yellow Pages still uses a print product. While that may work for some consumers, the Internet is far more user-friendly and popular among younger demographics.

Instead, you can get Yellow Pages ads that let your business show up better in their internal search results and business listings. In other words, print is just too limited to match the prowess and data you can find in digital marketing.