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Cornelius a pistol and he fired one shot when his son Charles came to his assistance and shot Powers twice, the first shot cutting an ugly gash in the left cheek, and the second entering the back of the neck and inflicting a dangerous wound. Cornelius was conveyed into a room in the Esmond, where he died a little before noon Tuesday. Powers was taken to the city jail and thence to St. Vincent Hospital, where his wounds were attended to.

It is thought he may recover. Cornelius, who was shot in the streets of Portland, on the 4th, died the following day from the effects of the wounds received. Cornelius was a very worthy citizen, and his death will be deeply mourned by a host of friends. His remains were carried to Forest Grove for interment. Shortly after Howard threw down some two or three dollars on the counter, and asked all present to drink.

The proprietor, Shaw, his wife, and a gentleman named Bellgrade, a German woman named Jennie Trevanyan took a drink, and at this time Smith came back into the bar room and walked up alongside the bar to Howard, who drew a pistol from his hip pocket, and presenting it point blank, fired and Smith fell dead. Howard claims that Smith made a motion to draw a pistol, but the bystanders say he did not. After the Fatal Shot Was Fired Howard put the pistol back into his pocket and Shaw, who is a French Canadian, told his wife in French to take the pistol from him, which she succeeded in doing, coming up behind him and snatching it from his pocket and ran off in the kitchen with it.

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Howard then ran out the back way and got into his boat to make his escape and was pursued by Bellgrade who ordered him to come back, when he caught up an oar and attempted to strike him, upon which Bellgrade caught up another and threatened to brain him unless he surrendered. John Barry and a couple of other gentlemen came up in a boat about this time and Howard Was Secured Barry at once came down to Jefferson street and proceeded to the St.

George Hotel and telephoned to the police officers, when the chief and party started out and secured the murderer as above stated. Coroner Garnold was notified and brought the body of Smith to his office where he held an inquest. Of the murdered man little need her be said. He was well known in this city, and till within the past two years was much respected and honorable citizen — few more so — a genial and intelligent and kind-hearted gentleman, who had the respect and confidence of all who knew him, but in an evil hour he fell a victim to strong drink and his steps have since that time been on the downward path, much to the sorrow and regret of his numerous friends, who have spared no efforts to reclaim him, but in vain.

In view of his sad and tragic end let us draw the mantle of charity over his faults and follies and strive to think only of the brighter and better part of his career ere he was led astray. Anderson, Geo rge Suicide Dr. Anderson, who was arrested by order of the Sheriff of Lane county, and lodged in the city jail, drank the contents of a vial supposed to have contained fox glove, a deadly poison, form the effects of which he expired at a quarter past seven in the evening.

Soon after confinement in the jail he told Capt. Belcher that he was suffering with severe pain in the bowels, and begged that his medicine case be given him. The request was complied with, and ager mixing a solution of some kind and drinking it, he returned the case to the captain.

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He then sat down on the edge of a bunk, and lighting a pipe, took an envelope from his docket [sic - pocket? Finishing his pipe, he took a small vial containing a dark colored liquid and drank the entire contents. The effect seemed almost instantaneous, as he had scarcely staggered to the shelf where he had put the envelope, which he grasped and put in his pocket, when he fell to the floor. Kelly says he saw this much and then fell asleep.

Gritzmacher, who had relieved Capt. Belcher, saying that a man was dying. Upon opening the door the Captain found Anderson lying behind it, in an unconscious condition and breathing heavily.

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About noon he showed partial consciousness by nodding his head when his name was called aloud. Chief of Police Lappeus telegraphed the fact to Sheriff Shelly, who had ordered his arrest. Saylor attending him all the while. At a quarter past seven with Chief Lappeus, Capt. Gritzmacher, and several other men at his bedside, Anderson expired. During his last few moments, he breathed more freely, and made no struggle, only now and then uttering short moans.

Coroner Garnold was notified of his death, and the body taken to the morgue soon after, where an inquest was held. The following was the writing on the envelope: Mrs. James Goodman : May God bless you my poor girl, and my baby now mourning for me.

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I am done with this world. God bless you. We will meet in Heaven. Anderson When found on the floor of his cell, he was carried into the waiting room, where his outer clothing was removed. When his boots were taken off a diploma and license were found in one of them. Lindsley, and all the faculty. It was dated March 2, The license to practice was dated November 10, , and made out by the medical examiners of Shasta county, California. To judge from them it seems that he was doing business with several large drug firms, as he had sent many hundred dollars to firms in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago.

Some of the receipts were for money sent I small amounts to a Mrs. Danbenspeck at Chico, Nevada. Many also were for money sent his wife, in larger amounts than the others. In all they represented several thousand dollars. The instrument case contained but a few rusted instruments of little value. The medicine case was filled with small vials, partially emptied, and some prescription blanks.

Anderson located at Cottage Grove over a year ago, and was rather successful medical practitioner, although given to dissipation.


A few months ago he was arrested, charge with adultery, and bound over to appear at the April term of the Circuit Court. Dreading the disgrace of the trial he attempted to escape, when he was arrested by his bondmen, and was about to be turned over to the proper authorities when he committed the fatal deed. His mother had called him into the yard from the street, where he was playing with a school mate, to draw a bucket of water, and in so doing, the planking around the well being wet and slippery he fell over the railing to the bottom head downward.

When extricated and examined by Dr.

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Raffety his neck was found to have been broken, showing that he died almost instantly, and was not drowned. His face and head were also cut in several places, no doubt by striking against the well of the well, which was about 50 feet deep. He complained of being ill, lay down on the front seat of the smoking car and fell asleep.

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When Conductor Stroud undertook to wake him for his check, after passing Oregon City, it was discovered that the man was cold in death. Ball, Esq. When discovered he was lying on his side on a bed and his face against the covering and blood issuing from his mouth and nostrils. The body was taken charge of by the coroner, who held an inquest last evening. The testimony showed that Ball went to the place late the evening before to see the party occupying the room on business. He was considerably under the influence of liquor at the time and on entering the room he threw himself on the bed.

An effort was made to rouse him, but he refused to remove or respond, and he was left to sleep off the effects of liquor. When an attempt was made to arouse him in the morning he was found dead.

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The jury returned a verdict of death by asphyxia. Ball has been suffering from asthma and was afraid to sleep alone for fear of suffocating. He was well and widely known having been practicing law here for twenty years. He was possessed of more than ordinary talent and a frank, generous disposition, and had many friends who will be sorry to hear of his untimely end.

He leaves a wife and daughter 14 years old. Carney , Ann A woman named Carney, residing in Portland, committed suicide Sunday morning by throwing herself into the river. Jones, L. Body Found — One week ago Monday, a blacksmith by the name of L. On Monday last his body was found about half a mile below the place he is supposed to have fallen in. The coroner of Linn county summoned a jury, who investigated the case, and, after hearing the testimony returned a verdict of accidental drowning. He leaves a wife and family living in Illinois.

Lovejoy, A sa Gen. Lovejoy, of Portland, one of the pioneers of Oregon, died at his residence in that city last Sunday. Kilday, Mrs. Accidental Death On Saturday last a Mrs. From some cause the cow became frightened and started to run. She managed to get to her house and her wounds were dressed but the injuries were of such a nature that she died on Tuesday.

Lucky, Emma Mrs. Kenney, J. A man named J. Kenney from Oakland, Cal.