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Our lawyers know how to get you the result you want in your case. We have experience defending against sex offenses such as:. Our firm practices only criminal defense, and our lawyers have mastered the skills involved in achieving Michigan court victories.

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Our sex crime defense specialists will work with your needs to get you the result that works best for you. If you have already been convicted of a crime in Michigan, we offer a full range of post-conviction and appeal services as well.

Look through our past results and see that we know how to earn case dismissals and court victories. If you want to avoid sex offender registration, our lawyers will do everything necessary to keep you off the PSOR.

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We approach your sex offender registration with a full understanding of the future implications any decision might have. We make sure you understand your rights and are able to choose the best possible action at the right time in the legal process. We are renowned for our efficient investigation and solid preparation, and prosecutors and police know that our innovative and dynamic strategies are effective in criminal defense. We want to help you avoid the stigma brought on by sex offender registration, and we have the ability to do just that. Our Michigan criminal defense lawyer knows that people who are registered sex offenders have a challenging time rebuilding their lives after a sex crime conviction.

We work hard to prevent you from another setback by getting convicted for failing to comply with the SORA. We have represent people like yourself throughout Michigan for over 25 years. Investigating Sex Offender Registration Charges Sex offender registration violations are often based on faulty bureaucratic reporting or law enforcement oversights.

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Felony Drug Charges Case Dismissed. Confession Suppressed Not Guilty.

Michigan State Police: 12 sex offenders arrested in Macomb, Oakland & Wayne counties

Breaking and Entering Not Guilty. Drunk Driving 3rd Case Dismissed. Our state has been reluctant to follow the ruling of the appeals court. The U. District Court made a courageous decision, and the next 90 days may dictate the next 90 years for SORA in our state. If you have an overzealous prosecutor that cares more about their statistics as opposed to justice, they will use the current registry as an unfair bargaining chip.

That is tragic and needs to change. Christine Blasey Ford being displayed across our television screens and Google, we have to ask ourselves, as a society, is there a line in the sand when it comes to the accusation of rape? While the words of Dr. Ford garnered praise from many across the country, others have been disturbed that the allegations made against Justice Kavanagh are over from 36 years ago.

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While there is a political divide on this issue, the topic of rape CSC allegations and the punishment of forcing a defendant to register as a sex offender SORA have presented a major dilemma in the state of Michigan as our state has the toughest penalties for this offense. To gain insight on the topic, we asked top criminal lawyers their thoughts.

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Scott Grabel is the founder of Grabel and Associates and has developed a team that is known as the strongest criminal defense firm in the state of Michigan. Many in the legislature wanted to actually expand SORA to make it retroactive. There is no question that SORA is over-inclusive. While the intent of the legislature may be to protect society, they have actually created more victims with the current legislation.

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Matthew McManus is the Managing Member of Ann Arbor Legal in Ann Arbor, Michigan and his firm has started to garner a great deal of national attention for their results in criminal law. Now, somebody can say they were raped decades ago and can be convicted with no physical evidence and even have their bond pulled when a plea deal is made.

The rules of evidence are extremely relaxed on this issue and it seems that the law favors the prosecution when the case begins. While we have to respect that the prosecution has a job to protect society there also has to be some limitations. When we look at the United States Supreme Court confirmation of Brett Kavanagh, we have to look at it from two different aspects.

The first is that if Dr. Ford is telling the truth than Justice Kavanagh is someone that we probably do not want on the bench as one of the 9 most powerful jurists in the world.

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Alternatively, the allegation is 36 years old. Can we really charge someone with an allegation from that long ago?

thisislamu.com/gipo-religioso-de.php If this were Michigan, Justice Kavanagh could be facing the potential of being on the registry. Even more, some may commit an offense that compared to others is relatively minor, such as indecent exposure. There are three tiers on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry which essentially categorizes those convicted of sex crimes into those who were convicted of less serious crimes to those convicted of the most severe sex offenses.

Depending on the severity of the crime, a person may be classified a Tier II offender, which means his or her name will remain on the sex offender registry for 25 years, accessible on the Internet by all who are interested. In the case of someone classified a Tier III offender, anyone can find that person on the public sex offender registry for a life time. Information including address, name, place of employment, vehicle information, criminal offense, and photo of the offender may be available for anyone who wishes to access.

The fact is that being placed on the Michigan Sex Offender Registry can be life-changing, and not in a positive way. Those who are registered must inform authorities of every address or employment change. Neighbors are alerted to the fact a sex offender lives in their neighborhood or community.