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Shark Safety at Cape Cod. In the Woods Hole Group was commissioned to prepare an analysis of shark mitigation alternatives for Outer Cape Cod. If you have the Sharktivity App report the sighting on the app.

If you do not have the Sharktivity App , contact one of the ranger stations at: or Make sure to tell the ranger you would like to report a non-emergency shark sighting. If no one answers, please leave a message! As top predators, sharks are critical for maintaining a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem.

The Effect of Background Music in Shark Documentaries on Viewers' Perceptions of Sharks

Great white shark numbers have increased on the Cape because of a growing seal population which has rebounded after being hunted to near extinction. Newsrooms in coastal communities are well aware that when humans and wildlife interact, the results can be tragic — especially when sharks make an appearance.

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Even a minor run-in with a shark can send someone to the emergency room for surgery and stitches. While shark attacks are very rare , reports of shark attacks are on the rise.

A teenager survived a shark attack. She says people should respect the safety of sharks

Most unprovoked attacks occurred in the U. In the Sunshine State, sharks typically move inshore in the spring and summer. Worldwide, four people died in two people in Australia and two in New Caledonia after unprovoked attacks. George H. DOI: Our analysis shows that increases are likely the result of a set of conditions that disrupts the natural balance of an area at a local or regional level and increases the probability of shark-human interaction. We also present recommendations for future management of shark-human interaction.

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Journal of Marine Biology , Photographs of surfer wounds and board damage were interpreted with special emphasis on shark size, wound severity and extent of damage to a board. These were compared with the concurrent literature on attack strategies of white sharks on pinnipeds and their outcomes. The results show that the majority of damage to surfers and their boards is at best superficial-to-moderate in nature and does not reflect the level of damage needed to immobilize or stun a pinniped.

It is further shown that the size distribution of sharks biting surfers differs from that in pinnipeds.

The results presented show that the theory of mistaken identity, where white sharks erroneously mistake surfers for pinnipeds, does not hold true and should be rejected. Legal Medicine , Bull sharks are infamous for being a species that can swim far into fresh water for extended periods, and it is here where sometimes it breeds. The females will normally give birth in estuaries and river mouths, where the baby sharks pups can stay in the river for up to 5 years. They enjoy inshore, murky water and here they dine on a variety of animals including fish, sharks, rays, turtles, birds, mollusks, crustaceans, and dolphins.

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There was outrage on the internet when the video went viral. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. A bull shark swimming. Source: Facebook.

Sharks are cold-blooded killers