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For other areas of Utah, try cemetery and burial records , newspaper obituaries , or private family and church records.

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A name index to all counties prepared by the Utah Genealogical Society is available in the Research Center. In late , the Utah Deptment of Health assumed responsibility for creating death certificates for all individuals who died in Utah. Research Death Records. Death Records. The index gives following information on the deceased: last name, first name, race, age, date of death, place of burial, and a citation to the original death certificate.

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An online index to Shelby County death records for the years is available on the web site of the Shelby County Register of Deeds. The indexes to these records at Ancestry. The indexes and images are free to Tennessee residents.

Individuals who subscribe to Ancestry. The following indexes are available online: The Index to Tennessee Death Records - is available on our web site. Q: How were the death certificates created? When someone died, a physician or mortician compiled information about the deceased on a death certificate. The certificate was registered with the local county registrar and the original copy was sent to the Office of Vital Statistics, Minnesota Department of Health.

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At that point, the death certificate at the Department of Health became the official, permanent record. Sorting results: Results are initially sorted alphabetically by last name. Switch to a chronological sort by clicking on the date label at the top of the column. Clicking the date label again will reverse the list so the newest records are first.

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Online Searchable Death Indexes and Records

Q: Can I edit my search without starting over? Scroll up to the search area. Add, change, or remove information from the boxes, and then click the Search button. Your new results will be below. Q: How does searching for multiple record-types impact my search? If you are searching for more than one type of record, there are a few things that change:. Q: How does the Sounds Like search work?

It enables one-step searching for alternate spellings. Q: What are the results under the Comments tab? They are comments left by users like you! Researchers can comment on any record and often leave information about alternate spellings, nicknames, etc. The system searches the full text of comments, and clicking on a comment in the results page will open the full index record.

Please feel free to leave any comments that you think would be helpful to other researchers.

Death Certificates - New York State Department of Health

We can help you place an order if you are having difficulty and we are more than happy to give you search advice, but we do not have the staff or resources to do in-depth research for our patrons. Q: How can I order a copy of a Death Certificate?

Order a non-certified copy directly through the online search system. If you opt to mail your payment, we will process your order after it arrives. Q; If I order a copy, how will it be delivered? A copy of the record will be mailed to you, usually within 15 business days.

The Minnesota Historical Society does not email scans of death certificates; all death record orders are filled via postal mail.

Q: Where can I get a certified copy of a death certificate? Q: Can I see a death certificate without paying for it? Q: How do I locate death certificates on the microfilm? You need to know the year of death and the death certificate number, both of which can be found through the online search.

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  5. For example: For death certificate MN, go to the drawers that contain the death certificate microfilm, and locate the drawer holding Each roll will contain a range of certificate numbers, but roll 10 for is labeled as containing certificate numbers 16, through 18,, so MN will be found in roll 10 of the year Minnesota death certificates were numbered in a complicated fashion.

    The primary arrangement is by year, then by political unit, with the counties in alphabetical order. Each county is then broken down into its civil subdivisions townships, villages, cities, and unorganized territory, if any , arranged alphabetically with unorganized territory at the end of each county sequence. Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Duluth are separate from their counties and are located after the last of the counties. Q: Will I find any additional information besides the death certificate?