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A few years ago, Harry Spence built six foot-long chicken houses and two manure sheds on his acre farm in Townsend. Ramsey sees Black-bird Farms as one example of a systemic problem. He says chicken houses in New Castle County are being assessed much higher than they are in Kent and Sussex. In the cases of Black-bird Farms, Puglisi Egg Farms and Greer Brother Farms in Middletown, Ramsey says poultry farmers are paying tens of thousands of dollars more in taxes on accessory buildings than they would if they farmed in the other two counties.

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County Councilman Dave Carter also sees this as a problem. He says it is deterring agricultural use of land in southern New Castle County. We can correct that. But I think one of the unintended consequences is that our farmers, who have very different profit margins, are getting wrapped up in it.

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In a recent council committee meeting, Carter recommended a 70 percent reduction of the poultry farm structure taxation value in New Castle County, in order to be commensurate with Kent and Sussex Counties. He notes only about a quarter of property taxes go to the county — while the majority goes to school districts.

So he says a solution would involve working with state partners to lower school taxes on these types of buildings.

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Delaware Department of Agriculture Secretary Michael Scuse says he has heard from several farmers in southern New Castle County about the issue of taxes on accessory buildings, and has been met with County Executive Matt Meyer about it. And I think the County Executive and hopefully the council would like to find a way to resolve the issue.

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New Castle County property assessments are based upon property values. When a certificate of occupancy is issued after a building is constructed or improved, an assessor visits the property to determine the new assessment rate. The property assessment determines the amount of your property tax bill, as well as your school district's tax bill. Appealing an Assessment Those whose property is reassessed and who believe the new assessment is in error may appeal the assessment. To appeal a real estate assessment, please call New Castle County at Annual Tax Bills Annual tax bills are issued July 1, and must be paid by September 30 to avoid a penalty.

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Any property owner who does not have a mortgage escrow account or does not receive an annual bill by August 1 should notify the tax office. For more information, or if you have any questions about your city property tax bill, please contact the Finance Department at