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Earlier this week NBC4 reported that an attorney appointed by the Federal Court to monitor the LA County Sheriff's Department's compliance with the reforms asked for proof of Villanueva's statements about under-reporting of inmate-on-deputy and inmate-on-inmate violence. Drooyan, who is one of several monitors responsible for ensuring the Sheriff's Department follows a court settlement with inmates who sued and complained there was a pattern of deputies using unnecessary and excessive force.

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The letter, sent Monday and obtained by NBC News, questioned Villanueva's findings that incidents of violence in the jails were much higher than previously acknowledged. The letter also cautioned Villanueva about changing use of force rules or other jail policies without first obtaining the approval of the Federal Court.

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In a Facebook post disputing the cover-up claims former Sheriff McDonnell said the information presented by Villanueva should be fact checked independently. It was the largest detention facility operated by U. The facility operated as a regular county jail except that persons housed there are federal immigration detainees.

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  • Detainees were citizens of any one of more than sixty different countries and remained in detention at the facility until their cases were decided in U. Immigration Courts. ICE personnel assigned to Mira Loma handled all detainee transport, releasing, tracking and removal or deportation.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies and custody assistants only worked in Executive Office of Immigration Review courtrooms at the facility. Century Regional Detention Facility female inmates.

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    Inmate Reception Center temporary holding only. Mira Loma Detention Center - Closed projected to be remodeld and reopened as a women's detention center. North County Correctional Facility. Pitchess Detention Center East Facility - Closed however serves as a fire camp for inmate firefighters.

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