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Scientists find the ‘LOCATION of the human soul’

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Where is the soul?

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Why do we have nightmares when we have a fever? Do heat patches really help with muscle pain? Is vaping safe? It is in this form that the spirit undertakes spiritual refinement on Earth.

What Exactly Is a Soul?

The spirit is freer in form compared to the soul which, being lodged inside the human body, has a distinctive human shape and its own individuality. The mind is the center of the soul, and the core of the spiritual body. To spiritual sight, when the mind is in its original state, it looks like a perfectly shaped ball about one foot in diameter located at the center of the soul, near the heart.

Different areas in the mind govern will, emotion, intellect and reason. The Soul originates from God and essentially possesses the same qualities as God.

God is essentially light itself and this light is not like the light of a lamp; it has attributes such as love, compassion, wisdom, and prosperity, which shine like the facets of a diamond. The internal quest to understand the true nature of the diamond within us is the true objective of spiritual discipline.

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It is as a result of our own choices that we create clouds in our mind, block out the light, and live in darkness. That is why we must reflect on our thoughts and deeds and remove these clouds of thought to restore our mind to its original, shining state.


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