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Draft at the time of World War I over the course of three drafts. The resulting registration cards can be searched and viewed online for free at FamilySearch. Note: Even though a name might appear in the draft registrations, it does not confirm that they were actually drafted into the military service. Draft records for the first three drafts of World War II are not currently available online. This is in part due to the fact many thousands of these individuals are still living.

The fourth draft, conducted April 27, , was for men born between the years and These men were the last line of defense, and often included many former World War I veterans. These draft cards can be searched and viewed online at FamilySearch. You can request copies of WWII draft registration cards for the men affected by the earlier drafts, those born between February 17, to July 31, To obtain a copy, the requester must be the registrant or show written permission from the registrant.

If the registrant is deceased, a copy of the registrant's death certificate or obituary is needed. In your written request, include the registrant's full name, date of birth, and address including county, if known at the time of registration and send to:. Box St.

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Louis, MO Over 9 million enlistments for the U. Army between the years and are available online.


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These enlistments can be searched and viewed online at FamilySearch. This database includes the following information:. You can also find information about your World War I veteran ancestor in the U. Since the U. Louis, Missouri stores U.

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Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard service and personnel records for individuals who no longer have a service obligation. Veteran records may be accessed for the following U. Army between service years to and the U. Air Force service years to Veterans and their families may be interested in donating a copy of what records they have to help restore the national collections. Learn more about the fire and what was destroyed.

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A Report of Separation is issued after a service member performs active duty or at least 90 consecutive days of active duty training. It is also an important document if you are faced with Army records that were destroyed in the fire. Information shown on the Report of Separation may include the service member's:.

If your veteran ancestor from World War II is living, he or she will need to make the request for their military records.