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The departments in which HIV seropositivity rate was the highest were identified: pulmonology, intensive care and infectious disease unit. In the second phase HIV rapid testing and counselling were offered to patients with HIV indicator diseases in the departments chosen in the first phase. All cases were not registered previously.

Pulmonology, intensive care and infectious disease departments were the units with the highest rate of new HIV cases identified in Odessa Regional Hospital. Hospitals need to put special attention to the departments, where case detection is the highest. This intervention will contribute to closing the gap in new case detection in Ukraine. Most infants with resistance mutations were resistant to efavirenz, etravirine and nevirapine. Our team provided therapeutic drug monitoring for tenofovir TFV and FTC in to for individuals taking generic PrEP and reported that plasma concentrations were all above the target values.

More recently concerns have arisen over the authenticity of generic PrEP purchased online. Methods: Generic PrEP tablets in sealed bottles of different brands and from different suppliers were obtained from the internet through test purchases. The brand and supplier of the generic PrEP samples were blinded from the researcher carrying out the analysis. As summarised in the table, all the PrEP tablets contained We were able to confirm the claimed content of the PrEP tablets from various manufacturers and suppliers.

Further testing has been planned with additional PrEP tablets being sourced from different manufacturers and suppliers. This study provides reassurance to the community purchasing generic PrEP online and is a good example of a close collaboration between academics, clinicians, HIV charities and PrEP advocates.

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We aim to investigate barriers to PrEP retention including clinic access. Cox proportional hazard models estimated adjusted hazard ratios aHRs for risk of PrEP discontinuation with censoring of patients maintained in care as of 1 December Our primary explanatory factor, clinic access, was measured by assessing driving distance from residential postal code centroids to l'Actuel. Other covariates included baseline PrEP regimen, age, income, education and behavioral risk factors i.

In multivariate modeling, only greater distance from l'Actuel aHR 1. Discussion: Few significant findings predict PrEP discontinuance, only greater distance to our clinic and younger age — highlighting the need for additional research regarding patterns of clinical retention among PrEP users. Improved public health messages, provider training and alternative PrEP delivery options are needed to expand spatial coverage beyond that of downtown urban cores and to younger clients who may be less likely to live in urban centers or gay neighborhoods.

Logistic regression was used to identify factors associated with LTFU. The overall rate of LTFU was This and the decrease in HIV incidence supports the hypothesis that the high estimate of being on ART and virally suppressed is the more likely scenario.

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For more reliable nationwide estimates there is urgent need to include data from private physicians. Elimination of HIV transmission could be achieved through a combination of preventive strategies taking into consideration specific population characteristics and the potential for high population coverage.

We investigated demographic, behavioural, psychosocial and network characteristics of MSM at ongoing high risk for acquiring HIV infection who were willing to take PrEP. The programme included rapid HIV testing and interview with a structured questionnaire. The median 25th, 75th size in their sexual network was 10 3, 30 people; One hundred and seven out of of them initiated PrEP The large number of MSM reporting chemsex and high risk sexual behaviours within large networks along with the large number of STIs highlight the population who could benefit from PrEP.

Background: Transmission computational models allow to foresee the results of aggressive intervention aimed on incidence reduction. With these parameters the model predicts high and stable incidence rate: new cases per day , new cases per year. Results: Aggressive intervention programme in Russian Federation is aimed to reveal and arrest the hidden HIV epidemic. Number of found and managed cases per day must be at least for the risk population size of , with the revealing rate 0.

We considered PrEP rate to be twice higher than revealing rate, that means that at least two people in the surroundings of one infected will receive PrEP. The annual cost of treatment of each programme was: with PrEP, Abstract P — Figure 1. Conclusions: PrEP enhances intervention and is cost effective because it lessens time of the intervention programme and saves money on treatment of prevented cases at least twice.

The European preexposure prophylaxis revolution. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Canada. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics.

For the whole cohort, HIV incidence dropped from 6. Background: Greece experienced an unprecedented HIV outbreak in following economic crisis that has affected multiple subpopulations. Network level factors are increasingly understood to drive HIV transmission in emerging epidemics. Materials and methods: HIV prevalence in Greece among MSM has increased as incidence among heterosexuals decreases and in the context of an effective response to the outbreak among people who inject drugs, accounting for We generated networks using the chain referral structure within a HIV screening program.

Multiple logistic regression was used to assess the relationship between serostatus, sexual behaviors and sociodemographic indicators. Results: One thousand five hundred and fifty samples were collected. Methods: A case note review of MSM prescribed PEPSE and meeting the national criteria [4], between 1 September and 31 December , was performed and the number of prescriptions was compared to a previous audit cycle before the introduction of PrEP between 1 November and 28 February This includes an increase in presentations to emergency departments.

It shows that despite this, numbers of patients presenting for PEPSE increased, highlighting the importance of using PrEP in combination with other risk reduction methods. About us [Internet] [cited Jun 28]. Blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections [Internet].

An effective and practicable service model is urgently needed. Coverage of unprotected sex was defined by the use of two daily tablets taken before and after sex.

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No HIV seroconversions had occurred. Those reporting UAI had higher adherence but the difference did not reach statistical significance.

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There was high though imperfect coverage of unprotected sex acts. Such findings would provide new insight to guide tailored and more effective HIV treatment as prevention TasP strategies [3] in this population. Optimal ART adherence was significantly associated with being virally suppressed adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 6. We also found a significant interaction effect that involved motivation to adherence to ART combined with drug injection to be correlated with optimal ART adherence aOR 1. Int J Epidemiol. N Engl J Med. The subgroup analysis was unadjusted.

Participants were well matched for demographic and baseline characteristics. The frequency of AEs was generally similar across subgroups.


Both regimens were well tolerated. Subgroup analyses of efficacy and safety performed based on baseline disease and demographic characteristics were generally consistent with overall study results. Subjects with current or previous use of CCR5 inhibitors were not eligible. Results: Four of seven enrolled participants completed all study procedures. At Week 8, CSF exposure was detected in two subjects 0. Mean CSF: plasma cenicriviroc concentration ratio was no more than 0. Median CSF: serum albumin ratio was Individual subject blood and cerebrospinal fluid parameters at Week 8.

TFV may compete with other compounds that are also renally eliminated. Recent reports of neural tube defects NTDs after use of DTG at conception could limit use in women of childbearing potential. We modelled the impact on access to TLD if patients could not be started or switched due to: lack of access to viral load testing Cascade 2 ; or to resistance testing Cascade 3 ; or due to risks associated with pregnancy Cascade 4.

The lack of data in key populations limits the potential to transition large numbers of patients to TLD.

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Pilot studies began in Uganda and Nigeria in July to learn from the experiences of patients taking DTG in these early adopter countries, and from the prescribing HCWs. At the same time the HCWs prescribing DTG received questionnaires on their perceptions of patient management and patient experience.

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Data were analysed in SAS v. Results: Interviews occurred August to March It is unclear if this is viewed as a positive or negative consequence. Not only because most common transmission route is via sexual contact, but most of all since studies have shown that sexual health issues among HIV patients are common.

To improve sexual health among HIV patients, this topic should be addressed either by the infectiologist or by the HIV nurse or both. The study aim is to investigate whether sexual health is discussed, whose role it is to discuss and which barriers are responsible for not discussing this issue. The questionnaire comprised 40 questions assessing the following topics: demographic characteristics, current practice, possible barriers, presumed responsibility and factors that might contribute to implement or not sexual counselling in daily practice.

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Both infectiologists and HIV nurses mention the presence of a third person during a consultation as a strong barrier. Conclusions: Sexual health is a crucial topic to address during routine consultation by health care providers within HIV care. However due to barriers sexual health issues are not discussed routinely with all patients.

Health care providers seem to agree that HIV nurses are responsible for addressing this issue.

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Removing barriers and composing guidelines on how to address sexual health might improve the holistic care of dedicated health care providers within HIV care. Background: The global prevalence of neural tube defects NTDs is estimated to be 0. Preliminary findings from an ongoing birth outcome surveillance study in Botswana Tsepamo study suggested an increased risk of NTDs in infants born to mothers treated with dolutegravir, an integrase strand transfer inhibitor INSTI , at the time of conception [2].

Given that the exact timing of medication exposure relative to conception is often unconfirmed in spontaneous reports, cases of NTDs diagnosed either anatomically or radiologically were identified regardless of the trimester of exposure. A prevalence rate could not be derived from these data, as many cases originated from retrospective reports, drawn from a population in which the number of exposed pregnancies is unknown [3]. Obstetric history, other risk factors for NTD and folate supplementation were not reported. The pregnancy was ongoing and pending birth outcome. No NTDs were reported.

Conclusions: A search of the Gilead global safety database identified one case of NTD with pending birth outcome in a pregnancy of a woman exposed to EVG prior to conception. Viewed in the context of more than pregnancy cases in women exposed to EVG, this single case cannot be distinguished from the background rate in the general population. Estimates of global and regional prevalence of neural tube defects for a systematic analysis. Ann N Y Acad Sci. Antiretroviral pregnancy registry interim report for 1 January through 31 January [Internet].

In information was collected regarding obstetric care standards, pregnancy rates and outcomes through an online questionnaire. All network members were invited to participate and to distribute invitation to other centres. Results: Data from 24 centres in 20 countries were received; In half of the clinics a gynaecologist was admitting patients on a daily or weekly basis.