State of hawaii verifies obama birth certificate

We conclude that it meets all of the requirements from the State Department for proving U.

Onaka, and certificate number. The birth date corresponds to a birth announcement published in the Honolulu Advertiser on Sunday, August 13, Berg maintains that President Obama is not a natural born U.

Hawaii Very Officially Verifies Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

Berg also cites what he calls "dual loyalties" due to his citizenship and ties with Kenya and Indonesia. The "dual loyalties" which have not been shown to exist do not violate any constitutional or legal precedents and would make Obama a poor choice for President, but would not have affected his eligibility. Berg's lawsuit was challenged by the Obama campaign. Instead of producing the original birth certificate in court and paying a number of legal fees and taking several days out of the candidate's busy campaigning schedule the Obama campaign had the case dropped on the grounds that it lacked any supporting evidence.

Berg's two arguments were mutually contradictory may also have contributed. The state of Hawaii announced that the "Certification of Live Birth" document is legitimate and official.

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Since the state of Hawaii is the issuing body, they have ultimate authority with regards to the matter. Adding fuel to the fire is Obama's persistent refusal to release documents that could provide answers.

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While his supporters cite an online version of a "Certification of Live Birth" from Hawaii. Nancy Salvato with BasicsProject. He has a team of lawyers who are opposing the examination of his sealed records in Hawaii.

Official who OK'd Obama birth papers dies in crash

What he produced was a certificate of live birth The rest of us are appalled at the lack of media examination surrounding the fact that there is no law requiring that a candidate for the highest office in our land produce an authentic birth certificate which proves natural citizenship. It is a funny matter to comply with the Constitution, so the administration thinks.

They insist on dodging the truth by joking about Obama's birth records. On March 5, , a federal judge appointed by Bill Clinton threw out a lawsuit questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship, lambasting the case as a waste of the court's time. Obama's attorney, Bob Bauer, successfully argued against further looking it to the matter with a dismissal.

District Judge James Robertson said "This case, if it were allowed to proceed, would deserve mention in one of those books that seek to prove that the law is foolish or that America has too many lawyers with not enough to do. FactCheck calls itself a non-partisan watchdog, yet it is the same Annenberg organization Obama and Ayers worked with.

Obama's long-form birth certificate.

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President Barack Obama released the long-form version of his birth certificate, yet another piece of concrete evidence that shows he was born in the United States. The White House said he received a special exemption from the Hawaii Department of Health, which keeps the long-form documents confidential.

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The pdf version of the document can be seen here. In remarks to the press, Obama said that his campaign had already released his birth certificate in And, in fact, FactCheck. The long-form version that the president released today has a few additional details, beyond what the short-form includes.

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