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Many online testing companies retain DNA samples indefinitely.

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Consumers can request samples be destroyed, but sometimes have difficulties with this. Some online testing companies have been accused of selling access to databases of genetic information to third parties, potentially without the knowledge of donors. You might have to plough through the fine print to find out what you have consented to. Read more: Take an online DNA test and you could be revealing far more than you realise.

In many ways, it is wonderful we now have access to our personal DNA code.

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However, as always, understanding the limitations and risks of fast-moving medical technology is very important. Brenda Mason — Stirling, Stirling.

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Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash. Genetic testing products like 23andMe are exploding in popularity. Read more: Genetic testing isn't a crystal ball for your health Some products can test for genetic changes in the BRCA genes that put you at risk of breast and ovarian cancers. However, many are accessible online and still others you can get by Interlibrary Loan. Internet Archive Non-profit library of millions of free books, and more.

As a veteran genealogist, I love teaching and sharing digital family history and genealogy techniques and helping people solve genealogy problems. I work to promote a greater knowledge of family, history, and heritage.

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Learning Resources Creativebug Lynda. Worse: To maintain its free-to-use status, FamilyTreeNow is plastered in ads — and many of them are both misleading and misleadingly placed.

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In the days since her multi-part tweet toured the world, Brittain has written a blog post about it reminding users that this is only one very tiny slice of an overall whole. Two, your information can apparently reappear places like Spokeo after a certain period of time. All that public records data is, every day, easily and readily available to police, governments, marketers, and even journalists. Millions of employees at thousands of public and private entities can, usually through paid means, quickly assemble profiles and dossiers about basically anyone. Every single state has its own public records laws, and more exist at the federal, county, and city levels.

By law, some information — including information about births, deaths, marriages, divorces, property ownership, voting history, and more — will basically always be available for the asking. By merely existing in this world, you are going to continue to generate records.

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Your life, legally lived, is traceable. Your information is known and recorded, and what can be put in a database can be accessed. Until or unless the law changes in a significant way, nothing is going to alter that. For many public-facing workers with a Twitter presence, the discovery of easily-queried address and network information like this leads to an instant panic moment. Even for those who are not concerned about roving digital hate mobs, the data can be a problem. Having data like that readily accessible in the public sphere increases the risk of successful identity theft for, well, basically everyone. Rules governing your personally identifiable information — PII — are widely varied, depending not only on what the data is but also who holds it and through what means they gathered it. Information that may seem sensitive to you, like your year of birth, address, or phone number, is largely not considered proprietary or sensitive under most existing laws, and is basically fair game across the board — including for data aggregators like FamilyTreeNow to use.

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  • Ready to spend $18,? The high cost of searching for your ancestors | Money | The Guardian.
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There also is no overarching federal law governing privacy policies. FamilyTreeNow can state basically whatever it wants in its, with one important caveat: anything it states, it must hold to. Although there are some errors, for the most part users who want to opt out report that doing so under the terms provided by the FamilyTreeNow privacy policy has proven largely effective — so it appears, from a first, casual look, as though the site is abiding by its stated terms.

Today, though, basically anyone can access it online for free — no matter what their intent or how they plan to use it.