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Pre-employment screening services get their data from a variety of public and commercial databases.

The first thing employers see when they run a check is an alert if the Social Security Number provided has never been issued or belongs to a person reported as deceased, as these are likely indicators that either there is a mistake in the SSN provided or that the application is fraudulent. Other details an employer can see include: all names and aliases or spelling variations associated with that particular SSN, current and previous addresses, dates at addresses listed, phone number, date of birth and previous employers.

Employers are also aware of the fact that in certain cases, not all prior employers will be listed or that employment information may not be available at all. Skip to content.

What should I do if I think someone is using my Social Security number?

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How to Verify a Social Security Number

Do employers do background checks before making an offer? November 4, Credit bureaus record the address where you live, along with your Social Security number, each time you apply for a credit card or loan.

5 Kinds of ID Theft Using a Social Security Number

As such, when you change residences over the years, credit bureaus will have a collective record of all your addresses. This is how anyone who performs a credit check using your Social Security number will gain access to your address history.

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A person can look up your criminal record with your Social Security number. Once someone has used your Social Security number to find out information on your name and address history, they can use that information to determine if you have a criminal background. Prospective employers often do such background checks.

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They may hire a separate company to do them, since they can be complex searches, especially when an applicant has moved around a lot. Employers or others seeking criminal records often do a state criminal check. Since counties report criminal information to the state, a thorough search also usually involves checking with the counties in which a person has reported living.

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The general public can access most vital records. If your state has laws that allow third-party requests, your marriage or divorce records will be accessible to anyone requesting them. Your Social Security number is linked to your employment history. In addition, your local Department of Labor agency has a listing of all employers who reported quarterly wages on you, based on your Social Security number.

Getting calls from the SSA?

If a person has your Social Security number, they can look up your foreclosure history. Your Social Security number can be used to look up any foreclosures or repossessions on your record. Anyone using your Social Security number to run your credit report will be able to see such information.

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Both foreclosures and repossessions typically stay on your report for seven years. Repossession is its own category on credit reports. While a foreclosure itself is not always obvious on the reports, someone well versed in reading credit reports will be able to find it.