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Voltage Probe. Dynamics Cart and Track Systems. Rotational Motion Accessory Kit. Bumper and Launcher Kit. Optics Expansion Kit. Mirror Set for Optics Expansion Kit. Color Mixer Kit.

Upper Level Electives

Centripetal Force Apparatuses. Electrostatics Kits. Vernier Circuit Board 2. Spectrum Tube Power Supplies. Experiments Make experiments the most engaging part of your science instruction with our teacher-tested lab books. Learn More. Advanced Physics with Vernier — Beyond Mechanics Appropriate for university and high school students Topics include mechanical waves, electricity, magnetism, RC and RLC circuits, optics, and electromagnetic waves. Physics with Video Analysis Appropriate for university and high school students Topics include kinematics, projectiles, mechanical waves, electricity, and magnetism.

Position Velocity & Acceleration Time Graphs, Physics, Graphical Analysis of Linear Motion

Pivot Interactives Perform authentic science investigation using libraries of high-resolution video and classroom-ready, interactive lessons from any web-connected device. Recommended Packages for Physics with Vernier. Vernier Emissions Spectrometer - Tech Tips. What Educators Are Saying "Your products are very high quality and durable, but your service is even better.

Boise, ID. We Are Your Team. Fran Poodry Director of Physics Fran Poodry acquired over 20 years of experience teaching high school physics at schools in Pennsylvania. Contact Fran at physics vernier. Contact Jake at physics vernier. Contact Josh at physics vernier. Dave Vernier Co-President and Co-Founder During his eight years of experience teaching high school physics and physical science, Dave programmed software applications that helped his students see live data and scientific phenomena in real time. Contact Dave at physics vernier.

John Gastineau, Ph. Staff Scientist John has a decade of teaching experience from Lawrence University and North Carolina State University, and he used the early prototypes of Vernier interfaces and sensors in his introductory labs. Contact John at physics vernier. Contact Tom at physics vernier. Contact Verle at physics vernier.

Physics classroom questions

Fran Poodry Director of Physics. Important for middle school through college! Released in ! Effects of Cognitive Acceleration Dr. Philip Adey. Anton "Tony" Lawson's two articles on his biology course for non-science students, which had extremely high gains on the CTSR.

D ownload in pdf. Basic Theories in Biology , by Anton Lawson. This unpublished paper accompanies the above publication. What he calls theories, we call models. He agrees; read his introduction. Thinking in Physics , by Vince Coletta. A paperback book in that is a "must read" for all high school and college physics teachers.

Order a FREE copy. Ken and Pat Heller's research on cooperative learning, at University of Minnesota. Click on Research.

Many context-rich problems TIMSS video study has a dozen reports on research about the need for a coherent storyline in K science courses. Read Practicing versus inventing with contrasting cases: The effects of telling first on learning and transfer by Daniel L. Schwartz et al The summary is by Bud Nye, a modeler.

Physics Invention Tasks help students improve proportional reasoning. Students use data from contrasting cases to invent ratio quantities, etc. It takes little time in the classroom! Field-tested in middle school through college. Students in New Hampshire were not subjected to arithmetic algorithms until grade 6. In earlier grades they read, invented, and discussed stories and problems; estimated quantities; and enjoyed finding and interpreting quantities relevant to their lives.

In grade 6, with 4 months of formal training, they caught up to regular students. Develop Thinking Skills : a short reading assignment for students, in the spirit of Carl Dweck's work. Contributed by John Clement, long-time modeler in Houston. For girls: a 5-minute intervention letter that improves retention and grades in freshman chemistry. Sarah Herrmann's research at ASU in Adaptable for high school and for other subjects. How Science Works : a page downloadable article on the nature of science -- scientific methods: home page: Understanding Science.

Interactive Engagement is the most effective teaching strategy! Chi, M. Summary of interactive engagement, constructivism, active learning, and passive learning. The videos are great, too; Seth Furlow's favorite is Reasons from Evidence. CIMM videos. CIMM, developed by Dr. Rob MacDuff when he worked with David Hestenes at ASU, is an effective, unifying method of working with quantity, using multiple representations.

More at the CIMM webpage. See also the action research project on flipped classroom in AP-1 physics. View a compilation from the physics modeling listserv, with weblinks. Lee Trampleasure's 2 make-up labs YouTube videos : 1 developing the constant acceleration particle model Unit 3 ramp lab : a whiteboarding session.

These include clips that Larry Dukerich and other Modeling Workshop leaders laud for use in chemistry and physics modeling classes. Bookmark the playlist for your class. Frank Noschese's physics videos to analyze. View or download. This website was created by Frank Noschese, a modeler in New York, for an inservice.

View a list of URLs or download. Pivot Interactives formerly called Direct Measurement videos.


IQWST® - Activate Learning

Many videos that include grids, rulers, frame counters that allow students to make measurements. Each video has questions. Some sample lesson plans. Barbara Hoeling, made when she taught at Cal Poly - Pomona. For high school and college students, and middle school teachers PD. Read her research on them in The Physics Teacher journal.

Modelers like them. Mechanical Universe videos. From Cal Tech: 52 half-hour episodes and 4 five-minute demos of computer animations that unify the big ideas of physics! View physics review websites or download. Physics for Future Presidents. You can view all 25 lectures; each is 1 hour 15 minutes long.

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