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Open the car door on the driver's side and locate the sticker on the door jamb that reveals the year, make, model and other production information for Jeeps built during the s to the present. For Jeeps built from to the s, open the hood and look at the back of the firewall, behind the motor on the battery side of the engine compartment. Look for a metal plate riveted to the firewall that reveals the year, make, model and manufacturer information.

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If you can't find the plate on the battery side, check the opposite side of the engine compartment. Examine the vehicle identification number VIN. This tag can be found in the lower section of the windshield on the driver side of the Jeep.

How to Read a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

The VIN is comprised of 17 alphanumeric characters. Locate the tenth character of the VIN, counting from left to right.

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This character will tell you the year of the Jeep this only applies to Jeeps built after the s. Convert the tenth character of the VIN to the model year by using the following guidelines. For Jeep Wranglers in the YJ series, you will find either the letter "H," meaning the Jeep is a model, or "J," denoting a model.

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