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Today, about one-quarter of jail inmates are there because of AB, give or take by county.

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Officials say they see more violence, gang problems and smuggled-in drugs. Health-wise, the population is also getting older with more substance-abuse problems, mental illness and chronic diseases.

Orange County Jail inmates get certifications, jobs, benefits

Russell had been sentenced to six months in jail followed by probation for a felony domestic violence case and a misdemeanor case of driving under the influence of drugs, court records show. His health crisis began late on Jan. As it worsened over the next 12 hours, his chest pain rose to the top of the pain scale, 10 out of It radiated to his arm and jaw.

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His hands, feet and then both arms went numb. He continued vomiting until the spasms turned to dry heaves. In his first four visits to nurses, he was given antacids for the nausea; a referral to a mental health assessment, where a physician instructed him in breathing exercises for anxiety; and nitroglycerine and Motrin for his pain. Each time he was sent back to his cell. On his fifth visit, he was kept in the medical ward for two hours.

When a nurse saw him gasping for air, staff finally summoned paramedics. It was too late. The year-old was pregnant when she went to jail that January on suspicion of shooting at an inhabited dwelling. On Feb. She had a C-section and then a hysterectomy. Three days later, she returned to West Valley Detention Center. According to an active lawsuit filed on behalf of her children, her surgical wound appeared to have gotten infected.

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  • On the afternoon of Feb. That evening, she passed out in her cell and was taken back to the infirmary. Though Zuniga was having chest pain and trouble breathing, Sarmiento said, it took more than two hours for an ambulance to arrive. She died at the hospital the next morning.

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    Sarmiento said anyone who had undergone major surgery would be at higher risk of blood clots and should have been monitored. But he said her family was focused on an infection that they thought got ignored. Complete the form in detail and return it to the Deputy, who will obtain the inmate's signature. When the form is signed, the property will be brought to the information desk.

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