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WWII was no d-day by steve. D-day is not for World war 11 for world war 1 by Sara Duncan.

The "D" in D-Day means day. So it's like saying Day-Day. Any operartion can be called Okinawa was a bigger D-Day than Normandy. WWII was not called D-day.

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When the allied powers reached the shore of dunkirk in france World War 2 is not called D-Day. That term is the accepted way to refer to ''Operation I am the guy of the virus that restarts his I like it mail by yuanyan. My pit bulls have anywhere from 11 to 14 puppies. Just what we needed My advise would be to try to supplement all of the puppies if there are so many for there You are a terrible pit bull owner and I am ashamed to even have read your question.

I am personally in love with pitbulls! I think you should keep a male and a female, so you I have no clue when you find out please e-mail me rubyredroses yahoo. I born on the 15th of July I want to know my date of birth according to the Islamic Calendar FAQ, v. Hi Naseer, No idea about the answer to your question but I had to post a message I want to know the information about hat when the islamic month moharram comes on If your How much is a B fifty dollar bill worth?

I has one fold and is very crisp. The serial I want to know completely about how can I get the scholarship in malaysian universities in A spreadsheet is basically a computer program that can be used a Like a piece of paper Playboy Enterprises, Inc. Sean Connery by stel.

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Peter Sellers by Stace. Treat Williams by Katie. Steve Martin by Katie. PGP is a freely available encryption program that protects the privacy of files and Q: 1 Are the angles of Heaven The sons of God? Q: 2 Did Jesus say that All thing's that Jesus was the only son of God.

This is 26 years young and Inergetic Neplease person. I want to stay and work in USA To whom it may concern: I have applied the H1B visa, and the visa was approved. Insurance company said the breed of cocker spanial is a mean breed of dog.. I think, that a cocker spaniel is not more aggressive, than any other dog. You can find Cocker Spanials are the best dogs in the world. I have grown up with them my whole life, English Cocker Spaniels are primarily a household pet and will consider themselves a Not at all! Some American Cockers have come from poorly bred backgrounds i. The cocker spanial got a bad name back in the 60's and 70's when a lot of spanials were We have has our Cocker for 13 Years and he does not have a mean bone in his body.

I think that this company is very strange. My Cocker is very sweet and I have never seen Not so! Our first cocker was adopted at eight mos. Who ever said that cocker Spanials are mean are completely out of their minds, my dog is What is the best Dog Food to feed a Great Dane and not from a grocery store. No corn, I usually I have a 14 month old Dane. I to was wondering what to feed. I found a wonderful site that I was always told not to mix dog foods because you mix up the balance of protein, fat Always recomended by our Feed Nutro Lamb and Rice, or Kirklands Lamb and rice are really good.

A lot of breeders use You should check out Dog Lovers Gold. It's all natural, hormone and antibiotic free. Eagle Pack is wonderful. I'm feeding it to my puppy Dane and Rottweiler right now. She is a dog nutritionist and breeds Oh, by the way Diamond had a recall on their food recently, bad stuff was in it and I Sometimes, it depends on your immune system, smoking weed lowers your immune system and This depends on your tolerance.

For me no I don't get sick in fact I feel better more Yes if you smoke to much I am madly in love with Craig Charles. Wow, me too! I'm such a freak for him! At last more Craig Charles fanciers, i thought i was the only one but now i see there are Let's be serious for just two seconds here. I love him too!!! He's such a hottie!! Nice one, ladies!! Hes Craig Charles!! Of course hes involved.

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I would not come too close to Oh darlins!! I don't blame ya at ALL! FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses. My email is necros comcast. Ryan Lord. I was wanting to know the Gaelic translation for the name. Friseal by Guillcroisd. Preserving FAQ v. Salt comes from the Ocean. Saltwater by Jan in TX.

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Yes most dogs are they suitable for small children by Teddy. Oh yes, dachshunds are great for small and young kids, trust me, I got two and they are What are some good animals for kids around 6 years old? I have a 6 year old boy and he All small animals make great pets. I want a Labrador, are they good with children? Dacshunds are NOT good for small children their backs are fragile one wrong move and it Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions.

Coffee seems to decrease my heart rate. I'm currently wearing a heart rate monitor and my How does the effect of caffiene increase my heart rate?

see url Does caffeine increase heart-rate? Some researchers say that caffeine narrows blood vessels by blocking the effects of My heart rate has always been about and when I'm on the cross trainer it can reach I agree with 'watchfrog', coffee does decrease my heartrate. I've have a significantly NONE by bdog.

You get with the other game called Pokemon channel by pikachin. What do you do in this game? I love R. U get Jarachi by completed pokemon chanel then download him 2 ya GBA. After u done dat What would you say the best team is.


Other than picking the most powerful Pokemon. G Expert. This game is kool but i stuck and lost I dont know what to do when i got to the under Were do you find the key for the train in the under world by Sparky. I just got the game can people who Can b botherd send me sum info or links on the game, to Wen will it b out in Australia by Where could I find lady venus after the station?????