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New York Nuclear Power Plant Avoids Commission Citation for Background Check Mishap

To receive provisional access, new hires are only required to present photo ID, pass a credit check, provide a character reference and five-year job history, and take a psychological test. Before Sept. The Union of Concerned Scientists discovered a number of cases in which new employees who had worked inside the plant more than a month were dismissed when the FBI returned details about their criminal history.

Now, new employees awaiting FBI clearance are not allowed in vital areas — places with back-up pumps, generators, and power supply boxes, Madison said.

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The Union of Concerned Scientists says even long-time employees should not be allowed into vital areas alone. Please refer to the Criminal History Background Check Process document for additional details and instructions on requesting a criminal history background check. The Board of Trustees has delegated its authority over personnel programs to the President which is further delegated to the Vice President.

Constitutional authority, state statutes, federal statutes, Florida Board of Governors regulations, and University regulations authorize the policy:. Florida Statutes Chapter ; Sections This policy shall be reviewed by the Chief Human Resources Officer every seven years for its effectiveness. The Office of Human Resources shall make recommendations to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for any modification or elimination.

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Types of Criminal History Background Checks 1. Criminal History Background Check Requirements This policy applies to advertised and unadvertised positions. If required by granting agencies for grants and contracts. Unrestricted access to department property inventory. The requirements are as follows: a. Summer Camps a.

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Criminal History Background Check Results 1. Other Considerations 1. This includes Background checks performed pursuant to the following Florida Statutes: a. Required evidence is as follows: a.

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Policies and Procedures

Evidence of completion of all sentences of imprisonment or supervisory sanctions imposed by the Court, by the Parole Commission or by the law; or b. Evidence of completion of or enrollment in a drug treatment and rehabilitation program which was specified by the Court, the Parole Commission, or the Department of Corrections and approved by the Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, unless the program certifies that the person does not have a substance abuse problem; and c.

An existing criminal history records check file may be transferred to the licensee asked to grant unescorted access in accordance with the provisions of paragraph C of rule of the Administrative Code. B Prohibitions: 1 Licensees may not base a final determination to deny an individual unescorted access authorization to category one or category two quantities of radioactive material solely on the basis of information received from the FBI involving: a An arrest more than one year old for which there is no information of the disposition of the case; or.

C Procedures for processing of fingerprint checks: 1 For the purpose of complying with rules to of the Administrative Code, licensees shall submit to the "U. Resource nrc.